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You know..

This may be off topic, but the more I learn about vegans the more I see flaws in their logic and their lifestyle. Their whole thing is to stop consumption of all animals and against anything that's bad for the environment, right?

Well, why do the majority of them still own or use products that are made from animals or are bad for the earth? Why do they drive automobiles or live in houses constructed of materials that are bad for the earth? And do they actually know that a fruit, vegetable or any plant for that matter are living organisms as well? It doesn't matter if they don't feel pain or do not have a brain, they're still living growing things. Do vegans have some bias towards living things with eyes and not for the ones without? LOL

Ok, rant or whatever it is over now lol

On subject, I know milk and meats have their cons, but so does any other foods. It depends on the individual, really. Every person is different and have different digestive systems. I know that colostrum(nutrient built milk calves drink first 6 days of birth) can be amazing for ones body, even killing cancerous issues and other diseases in humans. I also know some meats like Kangaroo steak (never had it I just heard lol) are really good for your health as well. Being an omnivore may not be for everyone, but it worked really well for cavemen/women, so I see no issue here (As long as it's free range/organic foods).