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Comment: 99% "Milk"=Night, 1% Milk=Day

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99% "Milk"=Night, 1% Milk=Day

Thinking about the purpose of milk while knowing the difference between what 99 percent of Americans drink, a liquid identified as milk because its origin is milk, and the 1 percent of people who drink milk, something they rediscovered for whatever reason with no less than because they noticed milk's taste, texture and feeling it left inside the mouth, in the throat and in the body after drinking it changed throughout the years, is good. Yes, think about the purpose of milk, a gift from nature I think must've inspired the line in the land of milk and honey.

Where cows graze their natural diet including moving to where they want in the pasture providing regrowth of nature to return to and spend all days outside and in the sun except poor weather days, their milk if kept by itself instead of mixed with milk from other diaries into large vats on their way to pasteurization and homogenzation centers to destroy even the good bacteria and enzymes in the milk and crush the butter fat that also benefits life, leaving behind dead bacteria (some of which doesn't die, hence the putrid odor near or after milk has passed its expiration date and transform into rot given enough time), will consist of nothing it's not supposed to have and everything it's supposed to without needing one reconstituter. Nature's milk will do what it's meant to: promote strong bones, work with the body to regrow broken ones and, least known, clean blood whose benefit is -- huge.

Milk from nature raised cows produces NO pathogens AND if a bad bacteria were to get into this milk, it is destroyed immediately, snuffing out the chance for it to multiply. Because of milk's defense, it turns into clabbered milk after the expiration date, a bitter milk whose beneficial bacteria growth is to the stars.

The difference between what 99 percent of Americans drink is something named milk, a liquid that moves sluggishly through the body and gums it up, and milk that very few Americans drink is the difference between night and day, a comparison of quality that's more than metaphor for the taking and the giving of life. (You did mention dead food and live food.)

The farmer, as opposed to the person doing something resembling farming because he lost his soul to Big Business and its brother, the government, is a rare person. Now you can understand why word of mouth is the commercial. In a way, that's just fine. Acquiring this knowledge, as any knowledge worth having, takes a person who wants to know, and maybe luck, help, for which when received is something to smile about and be thankful.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.