Comment: You don't have to have a sixth sense to feel it

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You don't have to have a sixth sense to feel it

Any thinking person can see the box we are in...and they can feel the walls closing in. The Austrian economists saw it long before Obama was a glint in a birth registrar's eye. Ayn Rand saw it when the President's name was Eisenhower and times were very good. Murry Rothbard saw it when Reagan "saved" us from that commie Carter. The machine has been in motion for many years, and it is geared to run us down, like a train on a track at full throttle...downhill. When we could have stopped it, we didn't. It does not take a genius to figure out why.

What is happening cannot end well. An economy based on money printing is doomed. A foreign policy based on dominance of the world is doomed. A justice system based on the wisdom of one man to be the prosecutor, judge, and jury is doomed. When those who advocate for following the Constitution are deemed 'terrorists' by law enforcement and the military, then all is lost.
Yes, we are going down. When? I don't know. Will this drag on for years? Maybe. Could this all come tumbling down tomorrow? Yes. Look at Greece. That's our future.