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Thank you.

I was not going to reply to the last response by the internet bully who either lies or is incapable (so far) of recognizing the facts.

Had you not stepped in I would not add this:

To those who have stepped over the line of good moral conduct, and "on the table" is anything that can be done to get what they want, without limit, a non "might makes right solution" (which is a lie) may not ring true as a solution.

I may not be using English well.

I mean to say that someone "trained in the art of deception" may only recognize lies, threats, and violence (upon the innocent) as a means of accomplishing anything, let alone accomplishing moral goals like Liberty. that possible reasoning an entire list of things to do to get to Liberty, whereby none of the things to do on the list are lies, or threats, or violence upon the innocent, are not, repeat not, recognized as solutions to any problem.

Only in that context can my "discussion" with the person in question make sense to me, otherwise, without that possible understanding I had given up on answering the last response with ideas in my head having to do with the full measure of my own stupidity.

How stupid, I was saying to myself, is it to expect a liar to tell the truth? Who is the stupid one? I keep finding that stupid one in the mirror.