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Comment: It's obvious what he would give up

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It's obvious what he would give up

His apparent choice and capability to do so.

Anyone else would be capable of doing this, why should he not do it if anyone else could and he clearly wants to?

Remember "a free man is he that in those things which by his strength and wit he is able to do is not hindered to do what he hath the will to do," from Thomas Hobbes?

What principle is it violating to act in accordance with the law as it exists?

I realize he *wishes* that the UN had less/no authority, but that is clearly not reality. The UN does have authority in some international matters. Should Ron Paul ignore this fact and simply hold back any intended action and pretend that the UN doesn't exist and never involve himself with it on principle because he wishes it didn't exist?

I hope you're not really saying that. Believing in something is one thing, but pretending that what you believe is reality no matter what can gimp you or even be dangerous to you. Not to mention you can deny yourself liberty which would be the case here.