Comment: Sustainable Development, LOL!

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Sustainable Development, LOL!

Sustains land development corporations' ability to take over private property through government thuggery (imminent domain) in the name of "protecting the environment". These corporations get tax breaks, government money (our money) and then can sell the living units / whatever / lease green space use back to the public for big $$$.

Also related:

"PUBLIC INTEREST MEETING" = Delphi Meeting, to give the illusion to people in the community affected that they have some say in the matter... when they really won't be listened to, and the questionnaires they fill out will be thrown in the trash afterwards. Anyone who dissents will be ridiculed and verbally smacked down by implanted Delphi-technique wielding "activists".

Beware of cyclists' organizations--they are often pawns used by development corporations to push the agenda.

What would the Founders do?