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Well, Maybe Dr. Carson had a revelation?

Or maybe tptb manipulate us by giving us speakers, messengers like Ron Paul and Dr. Carson? left, right, black, white, and the least of the issues become their strongest issues, because that's what the ptb actually want, no matter how many people fill stadeums, and vote? Ron Paul and Dr. Carson are like boxes of chocolate....

I have contemplated getting a car badge since the first day RobHino posted about them. I especially like them because they look like my banner: rEVOLution, and not r3VOLution.

I'm sorry that you think I'm mean. I think maybe growing up with more teasing than LOVE, I've developed a thick skin, and am not so sensitive, to protect myself. I LOVE people and it hurts me to think that you think I'm mean. Being you think I'm mean is enough to say I am undeserving of a car badge from you, so please forget it.

More than a car badge, I was really trying to wrap my mind about how to fundraise for the convention.. I am going to my committee meeting on Saturday and I am going to ask those who are not going to help me with the costs. I really think that because I'm representing my county district and the county, that they should be funding me (or providing fundraising events enabling me to get funds). I fancy the idea that friends on DP would step up.. but not until after I ask my county.

It was very kind of you to say you would buy me a car badge. Thank you for being nice to me. I'm not going to hold you to it.. buy yourself a couple of beers and some wings instead.


Continued luck with educating people on Amash!!