Comment: Such passivity

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Such passivity

Why talk of it and wait for it like it's something that cannot be changed? We all see what's going on and where some are trying to lead the future. We all see exactly how they are trying to do it too. We not only know this but we also know the way to avoid it. ...yet we do nothing.

I have yet to see some action that attempts to solve this 'for everyone'. Most solutions given are individual ones where 'a person' or 'a family' is safeguarded from inflation or one of the other evils. No solutions that are viable are ever discussed in how to accomplish our hoped for result.

Who's hoping for that result? The entire planet's population of regular working people is. Everyone not in the elite groups is wanting the same thing but they can't all see the path forward. If we know exactly what to do, why aren't we doing it? Why do we just talk of the negative and never of the positive?

This is the 21st century. It's our utopia. We are blessed with the best technology that we could have ever dreamed of in any time past. We can create anything short of interstellar travel that we can imagine. We can call on more aggregate intellect than we can conceive of so think big. We can organize people globally behind any action in a matter of hours if we wanted. We can design, build, inform, educate, coordinate and fund anything we want. Instead, we allow our time to be wasted on watching what 'they' will do to our passive selves.

Pfft! I'm done with that. I'm doing. For about a decade, I have done my research. Like many of you, I know where 'they' get their power and how to stop it. I know what returns the wealth to the productive. I know what makes people sick and heavy and how to get them to choose better. I know what attracts people to a solution. I know what needs to be done and how to get everyone on board but I cannot do it alone. I do have help and more equals faster. I'm gathering that each day and that is speeding things up a little. Unfortunately, it comes down to each day that passes, we either gain ground or lose it. I'm still confident because I have to be. No one else is going to do it for me but hopefully they will appreciate it.

You want change? Then either do it or help others that are. There is no alternative.