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Comment: 1 week with my father in law...

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1 week with my father in law...

Stereotypical neo-con. I agree with everything on this this list, I just simply said to myself, "What would my father in law say..."

The only one that could be striken from the list...

"See no problem with borrowing money from China to help defend against China"

He's got a problem with China.

Seriously, I've tried to get to the bottom of it. He is 65, and actually says "I'm a Fox News junkie". He likes the blondes on Fox, he loves O'Reilly. (I had a little too much bourbon and started yelling at the TV a bit when Billy O was promoting his book, that was a little awkward).

Get this, he is a retired public school teacher, union member, successful applicant for a federal grant to pay the last 10 years of his mentoring job, and collects SSI. The best part is, he is a neo-con. He thinks unions are wasteful and federal domestic subsidies are too high. The list could continue, but I digress.

But after 1 week, I really think it's just laziness. As much as I threw at him, from facts, to insinuation, to logic, he's so predictable, no matter where it went, and since we've talked politics before, he always goes back to opinions he formed years ago. The same old arguments. He says he is going to look into the Fed, I'll send him links, articles etc. Never reads them. He's retired for G**& sake, what the hell does he do all day! Oh yeah... Fox News.