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Comment: #9 Stop all transactions that profit the banks

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#9 Stop all transactions that profit the banks

This can be done at a personal level, it's effect is proportional to how many people do it and as success increases, it becomes more attractive and beneficial.

It's by far the most passive method we can use because we're each just making personal decisions to get off the 'monthly payment' train. Be it veggies, home power, small loans or global news, we can use the tech we have in OUR arsenal to provide solutions that keep our money in our pockets.

For a while, this will allow many of your listed problems to continue to exist but not for long. Just as people will lessen their need for welfare, the justification for big government will fade. As they lose profit (and since they're leveraged to the hilt), the banks' power (and by extension, the bad side of government) will fail. As we grow in unity and power and they lose theirs, we can target their weak and send a strong message. This not only further weakens them but it strengthens and unites us more. It becomes a self-fulfilling action.