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So break the cycle

What's the cause of people being poorly educated, emotional and unable to cover their own needs? It's money.

The root of the problem is that we've lost 98% of our 'return on productivity' in incremental ways over the last century. Inflation is the single biggest reason and we can discuss all day the many things that are causing it. But the nutshell comes down to... 98% of our money goes to the big banks. See my post below for more details.

How to fix it? Just stop renting, financing and replacing things. Buy good stuff once and keep it. When you investigate it, there are products of this type in every industry and for every need. Some are yet to come to the market but others have been here.

Did you know that "the average" income can make a one time purchase of all the products and services (non-financial ones) needed for a lifetime by age 30? The rest goes to the banks either via bad products or some financial game to get you to buy more bad products.

With today's technology, we should have had 75% price deflation with 100% wage inflation over the last century but instead we've traded that for 2500% price inflation and 1000% wage inflation. If we stop feeding the banks (and by extension the government) this can be swapped back pretty quickly.