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Comment: I'm feeling it.

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I'm feeling it.

Obama's on his last term. He has to make it count for something big. There's also been talk of extending the presidency beyond two terms, meaning that he might play a bigger role in this than just being a puppet.

Elsewhere, I've noticed how the growth in gold and silver prices fits an exponential graph almost perfectly. Until 2012 came along. All of a sudden, we see an abrupt "cap" in prices, at about US$1600-1800/ounce of gold and US$30-$35/ounce of silver. If not for that "cap", they would be in the many-thousands. But there is such a cap despite there not being any major change in financial policy (debt, debt, debt and more debt). It's as though someone in a high place is delaying the collapse, because they need more time to pull something off.

There's certainly more things, but I'm not able to list any more for lack of sleep. I'm feeling way too nervous these days.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.