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Comment: Ok, I'll Bite

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Ok, I'll Bite

The Fundamental 'Problem':

The root-cause and fertilizer that lay at the root of our ills, is the ethic & philosophy of Collectivism...globally and societal-driven (in the US) which predictably led to the political manifestation of Collectivism, e.g. Statism, coupled with the globalist-collectivism that pervades the rest of the world.

'Collectivism inevitably leads to totalitarianism', which is a truism that we are clearly living and which can be tracked back to the insidious expansion of Collectivism which now is so pervasive as to be non-correctable by traditional means and institutions.

The Solution:

At this time, I believe that the IX and X Amendment Movements are the best hope for quasi-peaceful resolution...where the people and the States reassert their sovereignty and nullify ANY federal over-reach AND push back, with 'force' if and as necessary any attempt to override or enforce non-delegated/non-constitutional edicts, regulations and illegitimate 'law'.

Not gonna be popular, but I expect that IX and X Amendment move to fail and I believe that the only workable solution when all is said and done, is the same solution that birthed our Republic.


The institutions of government and of society have been usurped, co-opted and to a large extent have been abrogated.

Things have simply gone too far because Collectivism/Statism is too entrenched into the fabric of society and by committed establishment-Statists refreshed by a stream of new burgeoning-statists being sent to 'serve' in government, continually and without fail.

The fed-government bureaucracy, which is timeless and rarely influenced by electoral means, is utterly infested. Our educational 'system' has been usurped, our institutions are co-opted, our industry is largely collectivism-driven and oriented. Most of our state governments and bureaucracies/institutions are co-opted and infested.

It is incumbent on those who are already awake to continue to work on a broader awakening through various means. It is critical that people educate on what is 'Collectivism', how it manifests, from whom and what the inevitable result of it is.

Beyond that, it is up to 'we the people' to prepare, mentally, physically and via tactics and equipment, for the (what I assess as) the inevitable necessity.

To me, although I am about working toward a peaceful solution through all available means, I do not see that such a solution is realistic or achievable, given the factual circumstances we face.

Things are accelerating and the point of traditional correction is far past.

Grim times and brutal hard choices loom, boys and girls.