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Comment: In the free marketplace

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In the free marketplace

owners of property have the freedom to loose on investments as well.
I believe that the vast majority of RP supporters will no longer buy products from the site, until it is sold to the man himself... I know I for one will not support the site anymore. In addition their valuation seems to incorporate the whole business, not the URL itself which makes no sense.

They can easily move their operation to a new domain

As a web developer, I believe that Dr. Paul, offered more than a fair price, and the current owners want to squeeze more of of him.

It is clear that the owners are short sighted, as the longer they hold out, the less valuable the URL becomes, to an eventual tipping point.

IMO, the best bet would be to work with the RP guys and outsource their web store to the guys and then everybody wins 8)
Beyond that, if they are true fans, then they should try to work together as opposed to working against, as it appears to those on the outside.