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Comment: I believe that's a symptom,

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I believe that's a symptom,

not a cause. Ask again "why" are people apathetic, compromising on ethic, collectivist and just basically defeatist. Could it be that they see just how much they lack the ability to change it?

Do you really believe that trying to organize people behind the 9th and 10th will do anything? First, the people, by your root cause, are too apathetic to do this and second, there is a very powerful, watchful and threatening force in opposition to it. Can't fight that force off until you unplug it's power.

What would energize the people?
What would empower them?
What would bankrupt the banks?
What would compete with statism?
What would slash the need for big government social welfare?
What would then kill their justification for social welfare?

Letting the people keep their money. All of it.