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Good question, dducks.

They seem to want more fiscal responsibility but they do not want to rein back the fed. They do NOT like talking about foreign policy. When I suggest that the Constitution is being dismantled before our very eyes, I am called a conspiracy theorist. When I talk about 2nd Amendment, they agree that obama is a filthy snake, but they also believe that more regulation is 'probably' needed to protect the children.

Every time I go there my blood pressure goes up. They aggresively blame me [r3VOLution] for not supporting romney, even after I show them the facts [Tampa comparison sheet, articles, etc.].

I have no idea what defining characteristic(s) tea party have. I am not part of them, nor will I. I attend only to try to educate and reach out to those who are interested in truth [I have with some]. Personally, I think they are blanket neocons, and more inline with the left.

I am ready for the down votes to commence.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul