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Comment: Problem with RP movement is

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Problem with RP movement is

RP did not study Ayn Rand enough.

Individual liberty comes NOT from god and NOT from nature. It comes from human REASON.

Unreasonable people cannot maintain a free society for long - where one does not sacrifice himself for a neighbor and does not expect sacrifices from neighbors to himself. It is not a matter of being smart or use your brain all the time like a scientist. It is a matter of MORALITY, rational morality. One cannot be rational if he is 50% time rational and 50% driven by blind beliefs or feelings. Half water and half poison IS poison. Half reason and half unreason IS evil. Both religious and socialists share the same morality of sacrifice.

Unless majority of intellectuals accepts RATIONAL MORALITY, expect only idle talk and failed actions. But intellectuals, on everage, prefer government jobs, grants and tenure... I do not see faithkeepers leaving their government jobs either.