Comment: Drones

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If they hadn't already shot up innocent folk and proved their intentions to be bad, I wouldn't be entirely opposed to this. I mean this would actually be, for once, a legitimate use of a drone.

Drones are like guns, they don't kill people. They also don't spy on people or violate their privacy. People do all of that, and the people are who we have to stop.

We shouldn't be using drones to track citizens' every move but if there is truly a murderer on the loose then indeed we should use it to track him down (certainly not to execute without a trial however....)

But with that said, this still gives me a horrible feeling and makes me very nervous, because like all of you, I know they don't have the same reserves about executing or concern for civilians. Luckily, I'm pretty sure they aren't allowed to put lethal weapons on these (yet).