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Comment: Interesting new testimony!

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Interesting new testimony!

This is about banks resisting redemption of lawful money:

"I opened an account with a local bank on October 13, 2012. For three months there was not one peep about the demand for lawful money I included on the signature card (attached) or as a restrictive/non-endorsement on checks.

"On Friday January 25 I received a call from the Bank Manager stating that it was new bank policy, effective February 1st, that they no longer accept a signature card with additional verbiage and no longer accept restrictive endorsements with a demand for lawful money on checks for deposit. If a new signature card was not signed and on file by February 1st, the bank would close the account.

"I asked to have a copy of the bank's new policy but they were unable to provide it because it is not in writing. So I asked to have the bank put it in writing in a letter and send a blank signature card with said letter. The bank manager agreed and said a letter would be sent.

"The following day, January 26th I went to the bank to make a deposit, and since the new bank policy was not in effect until February 1st, I still placed a demand for lawful money on the backside of the check for deposit. The bank manager was on duty and when the teller saw the demand on the check she asked the bank manager if the demand was ok. He said they would not accept it and suggested I strike through the demand and initial it.

"I said I'd wait for the letter with the bank policy in writing before making any changes to the written demand on the check. The banking manager said he had talked to his supervisor and that they had nothing to put in writing so I would not be receiving a letter. He then handed my a blank signature card to sign before the February 1st date when they would close the account if a new one was not on record without the demand.

"So I provided the bank manager and the teller with a verbal demand for lawful money and then struck through the demand on the back side of the check.

"I left after the deposit was made with the blank signature card for me to sign and return before February 1st.

"Turns out I didn't accept their request to sign a new signature card and the attached Signature Card with the Demand for lawful money is still on record at the bank. The account is still open and yesterday [2/9/13], when I made the third deposit since the February 1st date, the bank manager was there to witness that I have overcome.