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Comment: RicheyG, is appears by the tone of your replies...

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RicheyG, is appears by the tone of your replies...

That you have a horse in this race.

From an outsiders point of view, you stand to lose this battle - hands down.
Not because of WIPA or ICANN, that is just political posturing, being used as leverage. The value will surely drop because the longer this dispute goes on, the less valuable the URL purchase becomes. - I mean who else is going to come in and bid up the price?
Also if the new buyer would have the potential threat over their head as well... why would they buy at a premium, with that risk?

If you are in fact involved in this dispute, why not make an offer to outsource and manage the web store for whatever the good Dr. has coming down the pipe. Just follow their design & marketing guidelines and get your cut.

That would be a long term management contract, that most developers would love to have in their portfolio.

That would be a win / win as far as I can see