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Comment: Eventually, all "entitlements" should be phased out...

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Eventually, all "entitlements" should be phased out...

It is an illusion that the government can ever give back more that it robs from the productive of a society. The bureaucracy must always take its cut in the name of administrative costs.

I've helped out many friends financially or otherwise over the years. However, I should never be forced to "help" someone that I do not know. If you think I should, I could use a few extra dollars and will send men to rob you if you don't send it to me. And by the way, you will incur the responsibility to pay the men I send to rob you as well.

The world doesn't inherently owe anyone anything. Likewise, I don't owe the world anything. I can't justly rob you. You can't justly rob me. Somehow, when people use a government agent as the middle man, they rationalize that the robbery is just. Indirect theft is still theft.