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Comment: Its all about the context!

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Its all about the context!

This man looks at things from a medical standpoint.

I'm sure he wants a birth "certificate" as a registration point. We, the people can CHANGE the part that includes "certificates" to be used in the usa "corporation's" style agenda.

An electronic health care record is something that we can all, as Americans, maintain for ourselves and our children. You ALWAYS have a medical "record", do you not? Shouldn't it be electronic in the 21st century where we, the people have access to it and not have it stuck in some file system in a hospital somewhere?

A Health Savings account is the VERY same deal Dr. Paul espoused, for goodness sakes. Remember the "opt out" of social security plan to keep our OWN retirement account? This is the every same thing!

Dr. Carson is a "common sense" kinda guy. These solutions are ALL common sense solutions.

I am afraid you folks are not seeing the forest for the trees. Please explain to me where I am wrong.

And don't go putting words in his mouth like rfid chips...he has said nothing of this to my knowledge and his strong sense of spirituality would probably forbid it.

Just sayin'

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