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I don't claim to know what is right for others

What I find amusing and sad is that people have such certainty about a topic that they have an emotional attachment to. To address your points:

1. I think if the causes of cancer were clear and well understood, it would have been eradicated by now. There are places that claim to have cured cancer - this is a dicey thing to claim, as the FDA might shut you down. But places that practice the Gerson Therapy," such as the Hippocrates Institute in Florida, do it by using massive doses of living foods.

2. Yes, meat is dead. The way that animals are treated as they are raised and slaughtered is kept well hidden from the public. But if it were seen:

I think that many people would change their minds about what they eat.

I know that the majority of Americans are not spiritually advanced enough to understand this, but there are plenty out there who do as well.

3. The reason I feel sluggish after eating meat is certainly not psychological. I get a similar feeling, though different in quality, after eating large quantities of grain based meals, such as bread, pasta, or white rice. Again, these are all processed, dead foods. And if you think I'm getting a "sugar rush" from a glass of vegetable juice, then you have a lot to learn friend.

There are all kinds of studies. Joel Furhmann disagrees with your assessment is his highly acclaimed book Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Revised Edition

But if you feel great eating platefuls of bacon, then knock yourself out.

He's the man.