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Comment: Thank you for the Reply RicheyG

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Thank you for the Reply RicheyG

I did not think of you as rude, it just appeared that you were taking replies personally

FYI:I have been a web developer for many years now, and the issues of URL purchases come up frequently.
Each time my clients ask, how much to buy the URL from the current owner, and how much to get a work around

Never in my years has the client jumped at the buy out price as it is always more cost effective to do a work around.

This case however, is unique due to the circumstances, and I believe that the 50,000 offered by the Paul camp is fair to say the least.

But if the owners really do want money, then they are in an excellent bargaining space to offer to manage and operate the web store as it is up and running and all that would be required would be a new graphic interface, which can be easily applied.

I am sure they could get the 250,000+ if they played ball with the good Dr. as opposed to being a hurdle to the inevitable outcome of Dr. Paul selling merchandise with his name/image on it.