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Comment: I happen to think Hoppe is

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I happen to think Hoppe is

I happen to think Hoppe is amazing on everythign and the linked video, while long, is very insightful.

It's not just about "IP" but rather is a complete (albeit concise) speech on what exactly "rights" even are in the first place and why they exist: (only the intro is in Portuguese, Hoppe speaks in English with a badass German accent.)

HHH is the best living philosopher, by a longshot.

EDIT: if you honestly watch it, I have a pretty cool story about it to share. :)

EDIT2: While I agree that Stephan Kinsella is known more as the resident "anti-IP expert" among the mises crowd, he and Hoppe ahve virtually identical views on this issue (as well as many other issues) and I find Hoppe just presents the entire argument for libertarian rights, and what this entails, while Kinsella JUST focuses on IP.

EDIT3: btw, wasnt me who downvoted you.