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Comment: I couldn't agree more...

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I couldn't agree more...

I feel they are desperate to fulfill their plan. Time are changing and they know that the masses are no longer a docile group of zombies. People are waking up. They feel the need to hurry because their window is closing. Liberty is winning. People are choosing life and freedom over tyranny and lies. They know it. They are pulling out all the stops. Inflation, pushing for more wars, seeking to create civil unrest. They are hungry for war... You can feel it. I feel the same thing. The difference that we must take a stand and be peaceful about it. They want violence. They want chaos. It fuels their fire. As a people, we must change from that of fear to that of life. It is our choice. We must choose a new path. The time of enslavement is ending. Now is our time to choose another way. The way of honoring life and not opposing it. They are scared. They know they are losing, you want know that by watching the mainstream media. We are winning!

Live and let live.