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I'm sorry,

"Individual liberty does not come from god"

I beg to differ, religion teaches morality. Self governance teaches self indulgence, and arrogance.

This country was founded under the guiding principles of Christianity, it has long since become and anti-Christian nation, then say that people lack the ability to reason, and that's why they are not moral? Is it so unreasonable that some people are not ignorant and in fact CHOOSE to be immoral and corrupt and want to be masters of others.

I think you didn't study history enough, try studying israels history, romes history, and americas history. ayn rand is one person who came up with ideas based on the success(or failure) of modern society. Anarchists are very confused people, like communists they fail to accept the reality of the situation and state "if only we did it this way, things would be utopia". All the while ignoring basic human instincts, including corruption.

But I do agree with you that morality alone is what brings peace and prosperity.