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I read that

I remember reading the 26,000 year cycle. This is surprisingly close to the cycle mentioned in Source Field Investigations, which is the time it takes our solar system and Sirius B to complete an orbit around each other.

It's really, really cool how deep some rabbit holes go.

I just finished the book "Indivisible" which I bought from Amazon for $2.99 at a poster here's recommendation, a couple weeks ago. Note that I bought it before the LAPD issue. In the book, there is an ex-military man on the run, and he ends up being hunted by drones.

It almost made me fall out of my seat, the symmetry between art and life.

I can highly recommend the book, as well; well-paced, decent character development, nice story arc. Lots of liberty-related quotes as well, including the government deciding everyone needs to replace their windows with new eco-friendly ones; "the glaziers will be kept in business", reflecting the "broken window fallacy",

It also has quite a few typos, and someone being bound speaking after the gag was put in place, but I can look past those.

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