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Comment: The U.N. moniker is a false flag

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The U.N. moniker is a false flag

WIPO is the leading organization for internet domain dispute resolution. Over 65% of all disputes are resolved by WIPO. This is almost textbook cybersquatting from what I can determine. As a NY Yankee fan, if I somehow was able to register or and sell Yankee merchandise, even though I am a big fan of the Yankees, they would have the right to dispute the use of the domain name, since I do not own the Trademark for the Yankee name.

Ron Paul claims to own the trademark to his name, which he uses to sell his books. is selling merchandise with the Ron Paul name, which they do not own. Sorry, but even though they may be big Ron Paul fans, as I am, according to the current cybersquatting case law, they have no right to Instead of turning this into a civil action in the courts, which Ron Paul has the right to do, and if he prevails, could be awarded five figure damages, Dr. Paul has chosen to contest the use of the domain under the UDRP, and is seeking arbitration through WIPO. If anything, Ron Paul is taking the high road here.