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Comment: If Someone Owned a Site With Your Name on It?

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If Someone Owned a Site With Your Name on It?

What if you were famouse and someone else owned a site with your name on it and was making money from that using your name your image and your words? Would that be OK? It was your hard work that made your name famous. No one should profit from that but you. No one would go to that domain if it was not for his efforts. Your name, your fame and your image belong to you. You own yourself. No one should be able to profit from it but you. Not because they registerd it first or are a government with lots of guns and troops. Ron Paul may not agree with the U.N. but they are the ones in charge of this now so Ron has to accept reality. He would probably prefere a private company was in charge of deciding and arbetrating these kind of matters or certainly a judge in the US. Should have that power but that's not the case.