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Regarding the work involved

Regarding the work involved (being a professional web developer myself) it would take about 10 seconds to do a mass find and replace on the code to replace links with links.

Then of course, you'd need to change the banner in photoshop, which might take you another 45 seconds.

Ideally, it would take them a minute to update the site. Yes, you'll still have to update the URL that your online merchant is processing for, change the name servers for the domain, and some other updates, but they are all SUPER quick and SUPER easy. There's really no huge burden.

"Or, as i said before, give RP a royalty"

Exactly, which alludes to the point that if anything, they owe Ron Paul money, not vice versa. He should be suing them for profiting off of his trademark without his consent, but he's not. He's just asking for the domain name.