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Comment: It all boils down to Central Planning

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It all boils down to Central Planning

The primary problem is Central Planning. Central Planning = Central Authority = Central Ownership. If a person or group assumes the Responsibility to Centrally Plan the Property, Labor, and/or Life of another person or Group, then they must assume the Authority to do so. If one has the Authority to Plan said Property, Labor, and/or Life, then they in practice/effect Own that Property, Labor, Life.

Once this type of Planning has gone on for some period, those who have allowed others to Centrally Plan for them from the beginning are defunct of the ability to Plan for themselves. It is nothing less than Domesticating the Human Species. Domesticating meaning: to tame (an animal or HUMAN), especially by generations of breeding, to live in close association with human beings as a pet or work animal and usually creating a dependency so that the animal/person loses its ability to live on their own.

Education, one whose Mission is to Compliment ones Parent’s responsibility to raise Children to Independence, is the Solution. The Libertarian K12 School in Paraguay is a great start, but we need them here in the States. Independence requires Critical Thinking which at its core is the ability to determine what is relevant to a particular problem, and the ability to test possible solutions. As one gets better at Critical Thinking, it becomes less and less Trial and Error to more and more an Understanding of Nature and the World around us.

One might think that Distributive Planning is the Solution to a Central Planning Problem, and it is, but it requires the ability to Plan for oneself so education is the real solution here. If you can solve your own problems, then you are less likely to allow others to do it for you. If almost everyone can do it, then there will be far fewer ‘problems’ for Gov’t to co-opt as its own.