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Comment: where was your rage

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where was your rage

where was your rage BEFORE Ron Paul wanted the domain?

I am afraid that the same sycophants that are all about Ron Paul hosing over the folks at --- these are some of the same folks that have argued that patents, trademarks and copyrights have no use in Free Markets.

I think that Ron Paul's reputation has taken a hit worth many times the $250k.

Don't want to pay the "Buy It Now" price?
Bully the seller with International Arbitration.

Sweet. imma go look for crap to swindle out of unsuspecting sellers... the Ron Paul (tm) way.

A search of the interwebz shows that $250k for a domain name is quite high, but there have been instances where domains have gone upwards of $10 Million.
They should jack the price back up to $800k.