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"i suppost then that you can

"i suppost then that you can walk into a book store and walk out with books without paying for them."

i didn't say anything about stealing physical goods. and i think you know that.

"But others can't force you to give your thoughts to them."

Agree. But you should not be able to use the force of government to stop someone from producing something, either. Even if it is partially 'your idea' and the government sold you the privilege.

"If I use math and computers to develop a model to predict the movement of the stock market and profit from it by trading, then by your thinking I don't own the model, and if I offer it for sale to a limited number of people, then everyone else has a right to take it and use it too since it is an idea of mine, but also an extension of all prior human cognitive effort."

Not what I was saying. If you offer it for sale to a limited number of people (perhaps with a strict non-disclosure contract) then there's nothing wrong. But if that model escapes and you can't figure out who's responsible for letting it out, you shouldn't be able to sue or prosecute anyone else for using or reselling the same product. But no, I didn't mean if you offer it to one person you have to offer it to everyone, if that's what you mean.

"collectivists always seem to have their hands in my pockets, not understanding that my pockets and the money in them are not theirs."

Again, agree. But I would add that it's the fascist (or mercantile interests) that seals up another mans pockets to forbid him from profiting in the same manner.