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While, in theory, what you say could be considered to be true (though that is doubtful). In practice, it is never true. Corporations are structured to basically exist outside of the law.

Corporations have criminal fines levied against them, and those responsible for the decisions are never held accountable and almost never even identified.

You are partially correct when you say that "corporate personhood" is not the same as being a person, but not in the way you claim. A person may be held accountable, a person may be inprisoned, killed, and even apparently tortured according to our current legal system all as a response to criminal activity. A corporation may only be fined. In all other ways, a "corporate person" enjoys all of the same rights as an individual, period. This has been the claim in court, repeatedly.

An *owner* has a right to speak. An *employee* has a right to speak, even on the owner's behalf, if that permission is granted by the owner. A make believe government construct such as a "corporation" cannot have rights without government enforcing them with a gun.

Liability cannot be truly reduced, only shifted. That shifting is an externality where it get's relocated to what some might consider victims/slaves.

If the government did not give these special rights and privileges, then the market would automatically balance itself as the need arose.


"Big Pharma gets rich when you get sick. Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical corporation in the U.S., pleaded guilty in 2009 to the largest health care fraud in U.S. history, receiving the largest criminal penalty ever for illegally marketing four of its drugs. It was Pfizer's fourth such case. As if Pfizer's massive use of animal experimentation wasn't heart wrenching enough, Pfizer decided to use Nigerian children as guinea pigs. In 1996, Pfizer traveled to Kano, Nigeria to try out an experimental antibiotic on third-world diseases such as measles, cholera, and bacterial meningitis. They gave trovafloxacin to approximately 200 children. Dozens of them died in the experiment, while many others developed mental and physical deformities. According to the EPA, Pfizer can also proudly claim to be among the top ten companies in America causing the most air pollution."

Q: Who went to jail? Who EVER goes to jail? Unless they defraud investors.

A: No one.

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