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And again, no.

Religion is NOT the only thing that teaches morality. Human reason is by far more prevalent in teaching it. Studies overwhelmingly show that high morals and ethics are shown more in atheist people than in religious. This is because those people are doing the right thing because they, themselves, want the desired outcome, not because they fear some external entity ruining their future.

Self governance does not teach self indulgence one bit. Each person makes their own choice on both what is labeled self indulgence and how far they want to cross that line. This happens in both religious and non-religious people. Where those lines are drawn then comes back to their motivation (previous paragraph).

Arrogance is a whole other can of worms. Religious people are by far more arrogant because they've been told they are on the right side all their lives. They have never had to think for themselves WHY something is right or wrong, they just quote some higher authority. Even your post is filled with this type of argument even though it is clearly stretching opinions into fact.

In all actuality, our nation is not a bastion of immorality. As compared to most of human history, we are actually more puritan than most other times. We have taken the real taboos and made them both socially unacceptable and criminal. We have decided that certain others are really not as bad as some religions would have us believe. We also focus more on fighting against the top level criminals than has ever occurred before.

So, in conclusion, human nature, being one of corruption, is not driving the unethical decisions taking place today. Those are being driven out of a sense of compromise in the effort of survival (the real human nature driving this train). This is, IMHO, solely because our social ladder has been so closely tied to our personal wealth. This forces people to compromise more and more to climb that social ladder, let alone maintain whatever rung one is on.

When the day comes that all people can earn real wealth (e.g. abundance) by doing their job without being corrupt, people will do so. Until then, they will compromise to survive in the system of scarcity.