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This is why..

There are some people here on the DP who are constantly spreading anti Liberty ideas, in an attempt to divide the Liberty Movement, waste our time in giving them a reply, introducing confusion, trolling, etc..

"Would anyone -trust- someone else's block list? That's just kinda sick IMO."

I never said I would trust any block lists nor do I expect anyone to trust mine. I find that it would be useful for people to post their block lists because it would make my job easier to make a better judgement on those that I would personally block.

I am a bit tired of searching thru the bull to find the gems and this is a valuable tool to eliminate some of the crap.

I hope this helps you comprehend what I am trying to do for myself, if others find this thread to be of some value, so be it, some of us will be better off.

There is something on the DP for everyone, this thread apparently is not for you.

P.S. I won't block you for that reply. :)

I try to change people every day. Do You?