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Comment: I wish people would go look

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I wish people would go look

I wish people would go look up the meaning of the word "Arbitration" in a dictionary instead of making reactionary threads. Im sure the Establishment loves when idiots post this kind of nonsense. Maybe you should be worried about your actualy enemies instead of trying to throw your best allies (including THEE best ally) under the bus every time you see something you don't like?

How many of these stupid copy-cat threads are going to pop up before you trolls are happy? How many times have people explained that arbitration is not the same thing as "confiscation in court?"

How many people have to explain that the UN is the only body who conducts these arbitration hearings?

Worse, @#$% those traitors at Extorting the man who gave them a movement for over $100k to use his own bloody name. If they had any decency at all, they'd have given it to him with a bow on top the SECOND he asked for it, because everything they have reaped out of it was BECAUSE of him. If there was no Ron Paul, they would have sold nothing. They've made cash off his name, the least they could do is support the @#$%ing movement by letting Dr. Paul use his own name to further our cause. Vultures. its disgusting.

Why don't you go find things that neocons are doing wrong?