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Comment: Easy one. They are running

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Easy one. They are running

Easy one.

They are running out of time. Romney would have chilled things out and put the Rs back to sleep and bought them more time to continue milking the system and work toward total surviellance and disarmament becore they made their move. The left-right paradime died when we killed Romney's election.

In the past, they've always been able to keep the populace complacent by giving them a "lesser of two evils" they could vote for, to get that sense of relief and victory over the evil left/right (respectivly). However the cycle has been broken. The R's now understand they MUST have the liberty vote to win... and Obama is so @#$%ing destructive, that we are drawing extremely near to civil war/nullification/constitutional awakening (take your pick).

Now they have no choice but to roll the dice and put it into overdrive. They need us disarmed and turned into "terrorists" now! Because that failing, the only other option they have to keep their slimy bankster necks out of the noose is WWIII.

They are pulling out the stops, pushing drone propoganda to hunt down American "terrorists" in the streets, and ramping up the potential for thermal nuclear war. These people are absolute psycopaths and will stop at nothing to stop a the fast approaching French Revolution moment from coming down hard on their corrupt asses.

I can only hope that Navy Seals start to get sick of being "disappeared" and start to look toward coordinated self defese against a government who clearly views them and other special forces as a "threat."