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Not Quite

Sorry but doesn't "deserve" squat. You don't think that they already made a fortune in profits off of Dr. Paul's name? Do you really think that they gave any of that money that they made off of bootleg merchandise to the Paul campaign?

The person that owns made money off of Dr. Paul's name. Now that the campaign is dried up they want to try to get another quarter of a million dollars on top of it.

There's no doubt in my mind that this was done on purpose... make the most profit they can off the Dr's name and then try to sell it to them when they were finished with it... this is the "bad faith" that the complaint talks about.

They also knew how to exploit the people that wouldn't know any better by starting this "Ron Paul goes to the UN for help!!!" campaign and I'm sure they had that planned all along as well in case Mr. Paul refused to pay up.

The people behind are not innocent victims here. They knew exactly what they were doing right from the start.