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God is the judge...

...of who has truly repented of their wandering away from His light and who is thus in that way, truth, life that Christ is, as our Mediator, our High Priest.

There are many who even profess to be Christians to whom Christ will say, depart from Me, for I never knew you.

Some Christians will say that is the end of the story for those in that boat; others say that He will seek out the most desparately lost sheep to the uttermost, beyond death, waiting for them to truly lower the defiant fist, after they are face to face with the Truth in the outer darkness, with no self-imposed barrier of rationalization and excuses between it and them.

Either way, my personal plea is for everyone to seek God through Christ while He may yet be found in this earthly life. Everyone knows in their heart whether they are shaking their fist at the light and retreating into darkness. End of preaching :).