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Comment: I feel my questions are valid

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I feel my questions are valid

I think the questions I have are worth answering factually without presuming anything on anyones part. I have not followed Dr. Carson. I do not know his history. What is common sense for some people is not common sense for other people. It concerns me that he wants 3 things assigned at birth. What if I want none of them. Are they voluntary? What if I do not want my children to have any of them. Who will say, me or the centralized planning criminal government? Social Security is a ponzi scheme. IMO National Health Care is the same. So what if I have a self control Health Savings Account. I supposedly have a 401K plan that I hear I cannot access. Whose money is it anyways? So, I think the questions I pose are worth answering. They are not accusations. They are the same questions I would have if Dr. Paul was saying the words. Rush Limbaugh played the Carson Medical Plan clip today. I heard it. Perhaps Obama care was used to push us so far outside a comfort zone that we will gladly accept something we would not have embraced to begin with. As far as I am concerned the way I pay for my medical is my business and no one elses. Perhaps the fact that Obama was not clapping was staged to polarize people into another group think government is the answer effort.