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Can you do me a favor... said you didn't listen to Griffen past that sentence. Could you please listen to the clip. Maybe he explains himself. He does go into the fact that rich people do not own things, but control things..

I picked up the Amish at 7:15 this morning and am just now back home and am getting ready to leave again. Will you listen to the clip and then tell me if you want me to answer your plast comment. All you have to say is yes, please answer, or no, I got my answer. Or if I am misinterpreting that you did not listen to all of the clip (It was only 10 minutes or so if I remember) and I need to procede, then please tell me that. You do not have to write another explaination unless it is necessary for me to answer the questions correctly in case the context changes after you hear his words, assuming you haven't heard them.

I got invited in for Amish lunch and did not get to do anymore bookwork as I was given an Amish newspaper and I did not realize I was going to be there another 2 hours... :)

The newspaper was Amish and Menonite folk. They help each other financially etc from needs expressed thru that newspaper. Interesting.