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Comment: it's only noble when you have other means of supporting

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it's only noble when you have other means of supporting

yourself, lol.

i didn't donate 1000 bucks in 08 to help kick start the movement so you can pocket your share and demand 250k from ron paul. what is this, double tax? i pay for a parasitic model by helping ron paul get name recognition, my remaining donation then takes another cut in the 250k share you want to charge from campaign for liberty? who the hell you think you are? your financing? why don't you cut me a slice too, cus i am pretty hell sure i donated more than you both election cycles.. people talking like they deserve it.. that's a slice of my remaining money saved at C4L you want a cut of in the courtesy of 250k. get a real job deadbeat

i contributed 1/6 of my college saving in 08 then i found a real career, now i hear people living off ron paul justifying him paying them some of the remainder of the money i donated to him in 08/12.. fuck off.. yes that money comes from C4L, where the else eff do you think it comes from, genius