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Comment: Why do you have to make a choice?

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Why do you have to make a choice?

There is no choice to be made except what is biblically clean or eating what you want. You are creating a false argument if you say people have to choose between meat and plants.

Why did Daniel refuse Nebuchadnezzar's food? Because it was biblically unclean meat. If the choice is between pig and vegetables then the choice is clear for vegetables but there is no need to choose between beef and vegetables because either is clean. It was the biblically unclean diet that made the Babylonians unhealthy just as it is making people unhealthy today. So in that regard vegan is better but it is not better than a biblically clean and balanced diet. Unless you think you know better than GOD.

It is clear that blood is not to be eaten in the OT and NT yet there are some who intentionally eat blood to their own detriment. But that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

The clear winner is the Scriptural diet which includes meat.