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what I think

causes many cases or may accelerate cancer,(according to many different studies)is casein protein which is found in milk and dairy products.
Not to mention all the hormones that are in them.I personally never drink milk or eat dairy products and mainly use coconut almond milk.I don't see similar studies about meats though and it's probably ok if you eat a little regular(hormone)meat once in a while but I would recommend free range or grass fed animal proteins mostly.It is also important that you never char or burn your meats when cooking them because that creates carcinogens.Yes,I know healthy meats are more expensive but you are worth it and they taste so much better anyway.Just do what I do,eat smaller portions of them.I buy grass fed beef by the pound and divide it up into four portions(quarter pound servings).Costs around $2.00 per serving.That is still cheaper than a horse