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Comment: I believe there are other legal issues that haven't been

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I believe there are other legal issues that haven't been

addressed too. They're not only using his name, plastered all over the site, but also his likeness.

This is really silly.. of course they are wrong and he is right, on this.

Everything I've ever seen about him tells me that he is a man of principles, so if he felt these turds were trying to take advantage of him, then he would fight it.. I know I would and I'd spend whatever I had to do it.

Edit: BTW.. I called the news picking it up.. Look for it to hit more often in the coming days too..

I'm going to check into the people who have it.. It's a long shot but I also said that this is something that Roger Stone would try and pull off.. Grab the name.. wait till this is over and use it to further smear his name when he does the only thing he can to get it back..

Then run smear campaigns against him for it. :)

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