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Comment: There Have Been Lots Of Things

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There Have Been Lots Of Things

I wished Ron Paul would do since I had my first Ron Paul moment. None of them happened. I donated around 600.00 to his campaign with the hope that he would at LEAST get nominated and at the crucial time when actions on the part of his campaign could have made or broken us, they just simply QUIT! AND Rand endorsed Romney DURING that crucial time period! I wished he would be more aggressive to the RNC, I wished he would at least ADDRESS the corruption and show the sleepocons that there WAS a Ron Paul and not just rombombya. I know neocons that swear up and down that there were only the two to choose from. I don't have much faith in any ONE person anymore. I just hope Ron Paul keeps teaching the youth about how things really work. If I owned that website I would gladly give it to him I guess though I don't know all the details. But I don't think Ron Paul should focus too much on that. After all I would go to ANY site that I knew was his no matter what it was called.