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Comment: and the irony is

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and the irony is

these people claim to be supporters, at this point i have to ask what convenience they have done exactly that delivered us from the "alleged" troubles from neo-cons' hands. a lot of neocons are older whites with ample savings and means to support themselves. something tells me the chance of them trying to live off of ron paul (aka my donation in 08/12 remainder of which given to C4L) and asking for 250k is much smaller.

the question is what was the worth of when ron paul was using it, what was the additional value they added onto it during this period while they held the domain name. it's not a question of whether it's 'worth 250k', it might be, but which of that 250k was the result of their management? these are like the kids that tried to profit off peter schiff in the late 90s nasdaq boom, do no work, go public with a shit company, demand profit.