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it does if you make it independent

not plaster his face all over the place, base all merchandise and advertising models solely on him then ask 250k from ME, the donor of that pool of money amounting to $1500 now from me ALONE 1/6 of my college saving in 08 don't mean to brag, just so he can stop with his deadbeat stunt, all the while claiming to be a "supporter" yes that money is coming from C4L not ron paul's grand children's college tuition you genius

he can certainly demand some advertising or merchandise be taken off dp, but he won't, because this site was run from the ground up, not some retard jacking it up for couple hours over the course of a few months then demands 250k. the site might be worth more than 250k, but that's not because of his management

donation $$$ started rolling in like paul scammed it in 12? i don't know what the hell you were doing, but ya, money was rolling in because of people like me. now you get to tell me where the rest of my money saved at C4L should go in the sums of 250k to this deadbeat of the same caliber as you? whether ron paul wanted to run or not, he ran, i donated, i have a say about my money, so fuck off, none of your business